Lead Paint Removal Services

Lead Paint Removal Services in Massachusetts, USA

Looking for Lead Paint Removal Services in Massachusetts USA?

FEMME WORK is one of the prominent paint removal service providers in the USA. With extensive years of experience, our lead abatement contractors can effortlessly handle every sort of lead abatement, encapsulation, containment, removal, disposal, or any other toxic materials that can be harmful to your health and property building.

The services we provide: Lead Paint Testing to Paint Removal

Worried about the whole lead paint removal process? How it will start and end successfully according to your expectation level? FEMME WORK is here to facilitate you in the whole lead paint remediation process from the testing stage to paint removal.

Initial Testing

Before starting the whole process, our professional paint removal service provider thoroughly examines the whole property building and determines the ultimate extent of lead-based paint. After the initial inspection, they take suitable measures accordingly.

Lead Paint Remediation

After identifying the suspected area, our expert contractors safely and efficiently remove the lead-based paint from your commercial or residential building.
Surface cleaning
After conducting the whole lead paint remediation process, we make sure to clear the whole surface so you will not face any difficulty afterward. At FEMME WORK we also offer a surface cleaning facility to keep your property stay clear and fresh after the lead paint removal.
Post-Removal Testing
To keep this thing ensure that your building stays clear and free from any lead paint hazards, our lead abatement contractors do the post-testing as well.
The equipment our lead abatement contractors use

Whenever you search for “professional paint removal service” always choose the certified company whose contractors are well trained and have a previous proven record of their service providence. At FEMME WORK we gave you the assurance that our whole staff of lead paint remediation are highly trained and certified professionals. For paint removal, our experts use advanced lead abatement equipment and techniques to safely test and remove any lead paint or coating without any extra hassle.  

How much it will cost?

The scope of the work: how much area is going to be remediated
Site: the location where the lead paint removal service is required
Surface: For which specific area, is paint removal service needed for ceiling, doors, or windows?
Accessibility: We provide services anywhere you need, but accessibility, and how hard-to-reach the area is affects the cost price.
Additional Services: If you need additional services after lead paint removal like surface cleaning, restoration, or repainting it will also be included in the cost estimation.

Let's Enjoy Our Service

Exposure to lead any bring drastic health and brain damage, especially for pregnant women and children. To keep your loved ones safe and healthy must take instant lead paint removal services. Whenever you start noticing symptoms like paint chips or peels immediately take the lead paint abatement services from a lead abatement company like FEMME WORK. The certified lead-paint removal specialist in the USA that provides immediate quality services.

Lead paint can create serious health issues, especially for children and pregnant ladies. To ensure a safe and environment-friendly living for your loved ones you must take a professional paint removal service from a certified company like us. At FEMME WORK we ensure to make your place or home a safe living place.

Our team of contractors follows the proper procedure for paint remediation which includes encapsulation, abatement the complete removal of lead paint surfaces, and also adopts other methods like scraping, chemical stripping, and abrasive methods. All these procedures and methods are performed under proper safety measures.

To ensure the safety level during the whole procedure, our team wears personal protective equipment (PPE), follows lead-safe work practices, and works in properly ventilated areas. Furthermore, during the removal process, the residents should relocate for the time being to avoid lead paint exposure.